Cats vs. Dogs


Why do we have to choose? I love them both! But there is a difference between photographing cats and dogs. 

Those of you who have had a dog session with me will know how it works. We are outside in a park or garden where your dog is happy and relaxed. We have a good walk and then we play and then we stop and take some pictures. The dog sits or stands or lays down. I take more pictures, give them some treats or toys and then let them run around before we do it all over again. It’s fun and very active and it’s important that your dog has a good time. If you look at my pictures you might think the dog just sits there the whole time but in reality, there are very few moments when we are not moving. 

Photographing your cat is an entirely different scenario. I come to your house. I meet your cat and scratch their chin. I observe. I wait. I stalk. I take some pictures. Maybe we play or I stroke your cat or give them a treat and then I usually wait some more. I wait a lot for the cat to give me something. To stop in the good light. To give me a great expression or make an interesting shape with their body. Photographing cats is a slow and pensive process. Very different from a dog session.

It’s such a pleasure to photograph animals and I love that each creature and situation requires something different from me. If you’re interested in booking a dog or cat session with me or have any questions please send me a note at or go to my contact page.