Our Rescue Dog in Marylebone


On a wet March day in 2014 my six year old daughter and I went to Battersea Dogs Home (www.battersea.org.uk) to collect our new/old dog. Daisy was eight and half and had been through Battersea twice. It had taken us a long time to match with a dog, having a young child at home and living in a flat were big considerations. It needed to be right for her and for us.

Her name wasn’t Daisy - that change came a few weeks later when we decided a rescue Staffy in Marylebone needed a bit of “rebranding”. She didn’t seem to mind - she embraced her new home with us and so we embarked on a truly life changing experience. 

We had our struggles. Daisy was anxious and untrained. She’s strong in body and will (but she only managed to pull me over once)! We sought help and with many thanks to Susan at The Dog Hub (www.thedoghub.co.uk), lots of hard work and laughs and treats, we all learned a lot about behaviour - both canine and human.

Yes, we have given Daisy a warm and loving home, lots of cuddles, vet checks, good food and of course tennis balls! But I think we’ve done far better in this exchange. More than giving us the incredible love of a dog she has also brought me some of the best friends I have and opened the door to a community that has become such an important part of my life. She’s seen my daughter through tough days and big life transitions. She has shown me London’s parks as I have never seen them. And by example, she has inspired us all with her kindness, bravery and trust. Thank you dear Daisy!