frequently asked questions

What should my child wear for the photos?
Aside from choosing weather appropriate and comfortable clothing, I suggest neutral tones as they work best in b&w - all black, all white and red can prove tricky. Also, steer clear of busy patterns or stripes.

Should I groom my dog before the session?
This is completely a personal decision. Some owners think their dog looks best freshly groomed, some a week or two after grooming and others like them shaggy. My only suggestion would be if your dog’s eyes are obscured you might want to consider a fringe trim - a dog’s eyes are key to capturing an iconic portrait.

What happens if I can’t let my dog off lead?
No problem! I’m happy to retouch the lead out of the pictures as part of the file editing, which is included in your session fee. Many of the pictures you see on my website have had this done. 

What happens if it rains?
I am happy to proceed with a session in almost any weather, unless it’s completely pouring down with rain but the day before your session we’ll touch base and access the forecast. If we need to, we’ll alter the plan. 

What if I’m worried about my dog’s behaviour during the session?
Relax, I have yet to photograph a dog whose behaviour has prevented me from getting a good picture. I’m not going to judge you or your dog, I do this because I love animals and it’s part of my job. If your dog isn’t trained or doesn’t want to cooperate it just might take a little longer and require a bit more patience, but it will probably also mean we’ll laugh more! Some of my favourite sessions were when the dog had plans of their own.

How much should I expect to spend in total?
Of course it depends on what you want to order but generally most of my clients spend between £350 and £450 including the session and the products.

How many pictures will be in my gallery?
Within about a week I will send you a gallery of 5-10 pictures - I select the best. 

What payment methods do you accept?
I’m happy to accept bank transfers, credit card payments, cash and cheques.