how it works

Planning your session

Initially we will have a chat to discuss your needs, any concerns or questions that you may have and to plan the shoot. We’ll decide on the best location—a park or garden local to you—and we’ll arrange a time. So you’ll be relaxed and ready on the day we’ll go over my suggestions about what to bring, wear and expect.

The session itself usually lasts about an hour for dogs and 1-2 hours for children but I won’t be watching the clock. I don’t finish a session until I’m sure I’ve got what we came for, which is an iconic image that will endure over time.

On the day

Dogs: We are outside in a park or garden where your dog is happy and relaxed. We have a good walk and then we play and then we stop and take some pictures. The dog sits or stands or lays down. I take more pictures, give them some treats or toys and then let them run around before we do it all over again. It’s fun and very active and it’s important that your dog has a good time. If you look at my pictures you might think the dog just sits there the whole time but in reality, there are very few moments when we are not moving. 

Children: We meet and have a walk around the area to find our first ideal backdrop. As we move around I have a chance to chat with you and begin to establish a rapport with your child and help put them at ease before we take any pictures. At our first beautiful scene I will take lots of pictures and give direction to your child, capturing different expressions and poses. This process will be repeated in a variety of settings to give us the best range of pictures, with lots of silliness and snacks in between.

Image and product selection

Generally within a week of the shoot I am able to present a small selection of images (between 5 and 10) for you to choose from. Once you have made your selections and ordered products it will generally take a further two weeks to produce.

If you’re interested in having me take pictures of your dog or child, or if you just want to ask me some questions, please do get in touch. You can email me at