Sisters in Marylebone, Photographs from 2013-2018


Every year I look forward to catching up with these girls and their lovely parents for their annual holiday photo session. It is a privilege for me to watch these sisters grow into two such charming young women. While documenting them, I have been witness to how their close and loving relationship deepens with each passing year. 

Kitting the girls out is always a pleasure, because their mother brings with her a great selection of funky attire. I love the challenge of scouting around for a new backdrop for the photograph. The location is always Marylebone, and usually near Baker Street.

Each year has brought us fun and laughs as well as challenges. 

2013. This was the first year that I photographed the girls. I was worried that I might not get full cooperation from the little one, but when I sat down to edit the pictures she looked completely present and engaged in every single frame - amazing.

2014. I stood behind my tripod in awe of their beauty and how natural they were when posing together - another dream shoot.

2015. We were practically shooting in the dark, after school in mid-December, and I could feel the clock ticking and see the light dimming as passing neighbours tried to engage me in conversation - whew. 

2016. The day of this session was unseasonably warm and just as fun as it looks in the photograph. The girls were playing and running and climbing – it was a great afternoon and I love the memory of it.

2017. Ouch! Well below freezing, but the girls were very brave and were rewarded with hot drinks inside a cosy cafe afterwards - brrr. 

2018. This year it was pouring with rain! We kept going though, heading to the thickest area of trees. I just love how the girls glow in the dim light - wow.

Six years on, looking back, I reflect on how these parents have ensured that they have a beautiful record of their daughters, as well as wonderful memories of our meetings. More than this, these pictures are a priceless gift to the girls themselves to have and enjoy when they are grown.